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HegartyMaths success stories

The new HegartyMaths is the best system I've seen in over 20 years of teaching. As a Head of Department I can monitor the setting and completion of homework across the Department and monitor the progress of every student. The ability to provide individual feedback, personalise tasks and plug gaps in knowledge by assigning building blocks is fantastic. Feedback from students, parents and staff is very positive. I could go on...

Mr Smith Maths teacher @ Wolstanton High School

I would like to thank you for everything you have done. You have made me go from a student who hates maths, to someone who is in love with it!

Baran Student

“That guy is amazing! Seriously, even I now understand stuff I didn’t get at school!”

Happy parent

HegartyMaths is the first maths resources I have come across in teaching that benefits both the high fliers and lower end as the topic range is so large. The instant feedback and help videos have been a valuable resource for students since I first started using HegartyMaths back in November 2015. HegartyMaths has encouraged both independent and guided study with most students completing a task a day which could never be achieved through a standard worksheet and teacher marking. HegartyMaths can be used as a fantastic retrieval task selecting topics both recently covered and previously covered in the last month or years.

Mr Roberts Maths teacher @ The de Ferrers Academy

I love this and I think its the best because I am now able to do my homework.


The site has been amazing for our Year 11 students - one of my students has gone from an F to a D over the last two months and has spent a huge amount of time working on Hegarty maths at home. I've been able to set individual tasks based on exam performance and it's been a fantastic (and quick) way of doing this.

Ms Davison Maths teacher @ Jack Hunt School

Hello, I just wanted to start of by saying your website and videos are absolutely amazing. I love how the videos are structured and how easy they are to understand, and love the variety of quizzes that you do. I appreciate that it is hard to make these videos and the amount of time and effort that goes into them.

Jeeson Student

With Hegartymaths I know students are getting pedagogically and mathematically sound instruction out of lessons. Hegartymaths has been an integral part of the learning process for our students, from foundations of number in year 7 to exam revision in year 11.

Mr Hoggard Maths teacher @ The Cooper School

HegartyMaths has helped me to improve my grade in maths.

Amina Student @ Beckfoot

I'm 32 years old. Although I had the luck of growing up in a countryside village and attending a grammar school, I struggled, and ultimately I didn't do very well at all. Looking back, I can see the combination of factors that led to my failures - I know that (1) I just wasn't mature enough to achieve what was expected of me, and (2) I didn't really receive the right encouragement and input at home. I did my GCSE's and I remember opening the results envelope with dread. I cried for hours. Despite achieving an A* in English Language, I was most proud of my C in maths, which I'd worked hard for, albeit only in year 11 with the help of a private tutor. I wanted to attend sixth form, but the grades weren't good enough, certainly not in comparison with everyone else. As you've rightly recognised, I found a lot of the "better" jobs were simply closed doors. I became a police officer ten years ago, and have remained in this role ever since. It appeals to my inquisitive nature, and I can make good use of my English and (basic) maths skills. I've always wanted to move into a more specialist role, but have never really had the confidence. I'm currently going through the application and selection process for collision investigation, and part of this requires I undertake a maths exam on Thursday afternoon. The pass rate is 75%, and it's pitched at a higher level GCSE standard, which initially worried me. Obviously I've been revising angles, ratios, trigonometry, Pythagoras, speed, percentages etc. Your videos have, thus far, been absolutely invaluable - far better than any of the (small mountain of) books that I've purchased. To see that you're so highly educated, yet you're putting your effort into something like this, really does restore some of my faith back in humanity. Not only am I learning, but my daughter is 15 and she's currently heading for the end of year 10. She's like me - much more language than mathematically orientated, however your videos have helped her achieve an A in her past two maths exams, and I know that, whether or not I pass on Thursday, we'll continue to use your videos together for her GCSE revision. Simply put, I cannot thank you enough - you're helping two generations here, and goodness knows how many thousands elsewhere. You're a credit to maths, a credit to teaching, and above all (as grand as this might sound!) you're a credit to the generosity of the human race. A simple "thank you" never seems adequate, but know that it comes from the very bottom of my heart, and it is as genuine a thanks as I have ever given anybody, ever. If I could, I would shake your hand. You're an inspiration, and regardless of whether I ultimately get the role I'm after, you've helped shake off years of regret, confusion and mystery. I thought I wasn't good enough for maths, but now I know that I am more than capable - I just needed it explaining correctly. Thank you again - there's nothing more I can say! All the very, very best to you, your family and your colleagues. Kind regards, Mr Thornhill.

Mr Thornhill Parent & learner

There are clips to help you out if you don't understand

Nidhi Student @ Heston Community School

It's so lovely to see an online resource that looks like it's been made to make sense and do useful things!! It quite honestly is the best online site I've ever seen.

Happy Teacher @ Happy School

HegartyMaths is a amazing place to learn new things it shown me the best videos on how to work out the hardest questions

Mohammed Student @ Harris Academy Morden

I love the site. Students really like the instant feedback and the ability to go back to review incorrect answers at the end of the task. They’re always blown away when I tell them at the end of the lesson how many questions they’ve answered between them.

Happy Teacher @ Happy School

It's very simple and easy to use.

Amaan Student @ The de Ferrers Academy

We have been using Hegartymaths this year and have found it to be a very useful resource. It has helped students become more independent in their study as well as an excellent resource for setting homework. It allows you to accurately track students on topic areas that they found difficult and differentiate for different students.

Mr Symons Maths teacher @ IPACA

Hegarty Maths has helped become more independent while working in class and has helped me understand why certain formulas are used for what they are. It has also helped me become a more independent learner!

Slony Student @ Guru Nanak Sikh Academy

I am still really loving the site. I'm already seeing key skills improve as well as confidence. It's been really useful seeing how long the kids spend on the task because then they have no comeback. I have also had some kids ask me to set them tasks as we come across things in the lesson and have completed tasks off their own back. The little and often approach is going to be really valuable for them to clock up revision time over the coming months and years. I think it's going to be a really valuable tool for my school, especially as we inform parents about the site as I think they are going to be really on board with it too and support us getting their children on board.

Happy Teacher @ Happy School

I was in the bottom set in maths in my school. I started doing lots of HegartyMaths and got better at maths. My teacher saw my progress in HegartyMaths and combined with my end of term assessment I was moved up two sets!

Rohan Student @ Heston Community School

"I think HegartyMaths is a fantastic resource, it really allows me to support with homework - we watch the videos together, they are excellent". "I think it is a good system - I like how you can check how long they spent on the homework and if they have watched the videos. As a parent, I would be prepared to pay for it!"

Happy parent

"Hegartymaths has been such a brilliant asset this year. One of its best features is the explanatory video that comes attached to every task, as students can access immediate support if they find a task difficult. Additionally it means that parents can give more help too - at parents' evenings this term a number of parents have commented about how much easier it is to help their child when they have a video to ""explain the maths that they haven't done for years"". One parent said “That guy is amazing! Seriously, even I now understand stuff I didn’t get at school!”
The other feature that I've found very useful is the ability to see how much time students have spent watching the video and then attempting the task. This means the traditional ""I found it too hard, I tried but I couldn't do it"" excuse is completely verifiable. The students get used to that so it becomes routine for them to watch the video and spend the expected amount of time on it - which usually results with them understanding and completing the homework! The part I'm now starting to push is with my year 11s. It's a class of students with targets of Cs and Bs but several are capable of As. We are just not able to cover the entire syllabus as a whole class. However, for the students that want to push for the A I am setting them hegarty tasks, getting them to watch the video and teach themselves the topic then try the attached quiz. I've only just started this approach but even having the option available to do that is an amazing thing.
I would 100% recommend this site to any teacher!"

Ms McCoy Maths teacher @ Beacon Academy

I am the mother of my son who has Asperger’s Syndrome. He was diagnosed, during a turbulent time, at the age of five years. During this awful time my son suffered depression and School phobia. My sons grades throughout school were never great. As parents we truly believed in our son and we have always believed he was naturally bright especially at Math, so my husband began researching the internet for books and resources when he came across one of your YouTube videos. Thanks to you Hegarty Maths we followed your excellent clear and concise teaching of GCSE Math to support our son to achieve his potential. Well.... my son revised every night and every weekend, with us, from morning till evening but....more importantly, with loyal you Hegarty Maths. What would we have done without people like you? You have taken the time to passionately offer your expertise for others who have the same passion for Maths. My son found your videos so easy to follow and for a child with AS who struggles with communication skills this was an amazing breakthrough! My son got a grade A in GCSE HT Maths this August. This has built his confidence, so much, thanks to you. Thank you so much! He achieved the grades needed to get into Grammar School where he is to study A level Math, Physics, Computers and Geography. THANK YOU SO MUCH HEGARTYMATH !!

Happy parent

Hegarty maths has impacted in my maths life a lot. It has helped me from algebra to geometry!! thank you Hegarty maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheikha Student @ Heston Community School

The students have found the videos very helpful in consolidating concepts taught in class. Even a parent commented how they managed to understand a topic once viewed the video. The homework tasks are well differentiated and prevent students from copying. I would recommend this site to all schools.

Mr Chana Maths teacher @ The Kings School

The videos helped my learn and practise. It helped me visualise how to work out the answer. Thank You Hegarty Maths!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoebe Student @ Harris Academy Purley

Teachers can assign, review, accept student answers retrospectively and see how much of each video students have watched for each task amongst many other features. As a homework tool it is incredibly powerful for making sure students are revisiting skills that they should have ‘mastered’. As a revision tool it ticks all of the self-quizzing boxes. It is well worth taking a look at.

Happy teacher @ Happy School

Just excellent. Helping me a lot.

Liam Student @ Ormiston Bushfield Academy

"This is an amazing website. The quality of the videos and quizzes is very high. I now set a majority of my homework through it. Students always have quality video to help them with their homework and I, rather than being bogged down in low-impact marking, can focus on diagnosing and analysing my students strengths and weaknesses, which are far more impactful. I have classes (not all high attaining) where on average students have done over 15 hours of quizzing. I could never mark all that work and give meaningful feedback
I also love the good study habits the site develops. The students know how to improve (unlike largely meaningless level ladders): watch the video, retry the quiz until master, watch the next video. They can see what they are working towards.
Hegartymaths is not only high effective but it is affordable for schools. Technology is no substitute for great classroom teaching and I hate gimmicks but this website can actually make a big impact on students progress."

Mr Britt Maths teacher @ Heston Community School

It really helps you learn and develop math skills.

Joshua Student @ Heston Community School

Hi! I thought I would just write a little note in reference to my gcse maths. I am a mum who has always been eluded by maths and decided last year (because my son would be sitting his gcse in 2015) I would have another go at night school. I spent all of my spare time revising and practising but was still struggling until someone mentioned Hegartymaths on Youtube. I then spent much of the time with headphones and a kindle and practised past papers (the higher one) and it eventually started to sink in! I had my results last week and I have passed! I just wanted to say a massive thank you; your explanations were superb and I really felt like you were sat there with me! I had tangent and circle theorems reverberating round my head for weeks, 'we know that if a radius of a circle is .....then the....!!' Some people dream of climbing Everest or swimming the channel - I just wanted to reassure myself that maths was not a mystery and, with your help, it no longer is! Thank you

Happy parent

Hegarty Maths has been a fantastic tool to use this year. Students often tell me how much of a difference it has made for them. The videos are of a very high standard and are well thought out. The structure is brilliantly done so students can get support on topics they struggle with. I use it in so many ways. The teacher tracking is the best I have used by a distance.

Mr Crampton Maths teacher @ Heston Community School

Dear this amazing site, I am writing as student to inform you how wonderful this site is because truly this site made me move up a set in school. I would happily tell anyone about you. Firstly, I doubted this site but actually it ticks all my boxes, I would watch a video are extremely useful video and get all the facts I need to know about this topic . Then I would answer the question and I love the fact you get an extra chance Thankyou very much your faithfully


One bright year 8 boy only scraped a 5c in a written assessment before Christmas, perhaps from insufficient effective revision. We both know he is capable of better. So he had 'Hegarty Maths' videos and quizzes assigned for the week before this term's written assessment, which was a no calculator paper. Level 7b! That's progress! Thanks!

Ms Webb Maths teacher @ City of Peterborough Academy

It helps loads with revision and preparation for gcse. it helps you to master any subject that is hard and is super useful

Mahmood Student @ Queensmead School